Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Say Hello! to el madre de alacran

ay chihuahua!

madre has her own cutlery

Guess who's been hanging out in my kitchen? Her name is Madre de Alacran - Mother of Scorpion. I don't know how many predators scorpions have. But this right here is one, hence the name. Her armoury includes long spindly spidery legs, a hoppity sideways gait and the pincers of a scorpion. And how does she do it - tackle the stingy tailed beast? The secret is in her pincers - they're sharp and from a safe distance she delivers a fatal stab to her prey. Amazingly enough, completely harmless to humans. Still, I'm lacking the chutzpah to get close enough for a good picture. I've found this one has the tendancy to jump - really high and unexpectedly. It's disconcerting.

By the way, I've not seen any scorpions in my kitchen or my house, or anywhere. Madre is most likely, hopefully, stalking cockroaches in my kitchen...but who knows? Maybe the scorpions are after the roaches, eh? And she's after old scorps. Perhaps a demonstration of the food chain is being enacted every night, in my kitchen. I know the stingy tailed beasties are around. But I just don't see them. There's probably a whole bunch of them living in the wood pile near the mango trees, but I'm not diving in there to find out. If by chance one of them decides to show itself, I have a giant can of spray with a picture of a scorpion on it. Zero tolerance. I have the madre and the death spray.

Other anti-scorpion tactics include my scorpion proof wardrobe, which maybe I should patent. It's a rope stretched diagonally across the room, from which you hang anything that would normally end up on the floor or hanging against the wall. I also have the neighbours cat come and do an inspection of the underside of my bed every few days. And every night I religiously do a check of the bed. Lift up all pillows and sheets, give them a shake. Tuck the mosquito net under the mattress. It's all very important stuff.

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